Opal & Cherry Cameo Earrings

Opal & Cherry Cameo Earrings

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Opalescent resin paired with locally sourced Cherry Burl. Hand sanded into dome like shapes to add dimension to this wearable art. Hanging on 14k gold filled hardware for tarnish free, long lasting jewelry. 

Approx 1.5 inch long and 0.75 inches wide. 

Each Blonde & Burl Wood Co. piece is made by hand, one at a time. Every piece of wood and each pour of resin holds its very own characteristics meaning no two pieces will ever be truly duplicated. With each handmade piece we do our best to eliminate tiny flaws, like bubbles and scratches, but the reality is not everything can be crafted to absolute perfection. Please consider this and  remember to embrace life’s tiny imperfections when purchasing your Blonde & Burl Wood Co. items.