A letter to my dream clients.

I love that clip of Nicki Minaj in the late 2000's talking about how she gives QUALITY in everything she does and everyone just "gives her the pickle juice."
It made me realize that she was right and you should never accept the pickle juice. 🙃 You are not mediocre so why should you accept mediocrity in life? 

This jewelry business has provided so much personal growth in the last three years. It has helped me establish personal and professional boundaries that I look to every day for guidance. It has helped me set standards for what I will or won’t accept as kindness in my business and personal life. Most importantly it’s taught me that I should never let anyone tell me I can’t do something. I can do anything. I know I’ve shocked some people around me by refusing to accept anything less than success with this little jewelry situation.  

People love to ask me “how long does it take your to make each piece?” And my answer is usually about 5-7 days. People are shocked! But from pouring at the start, to finishing with assembly and packaging.. yeah, it’s about a week. That’s why I do batch work. This little video is really just steps 2 and 3 of maybe 8(?) steps it takes to create every bit of jewelry you see. It’s also post the 72 hour cure time and the multiple hours it took to debark and cut the burl to fit, mix then pour then cast the resin. 

I put a lot of time into each and every piece I make for you to ensure quality is delivered. My goal is to give you unique, wearable art, made with craftsmanship level details that you can wear for years to come. Every live edge is one of a kind making every piece an exclusive design. 

Sharing my unconventional jewelry making process with you brings me so much joy. Seeing you wear, style and enjoy them makes me even happier. Receiving notes from shoppers about how their pair of earrings is their go-to accessory gets me beaming. You know the smile I’m talking about. 😂😁 Meeting friends who value my art work enough to pay me for it makes me wanna do a little dance. Being valued and having a community is so important so thank you for being here with me. 

I hope my handmade jewelry makes you feel your best. That it provides that extra boost of confidence for you. Or maybe my jokes and reels help you remember you’re a bad ass. Or maybe my funny chicken and dog videos remind you that you can be multifaceted in a world that tries to box you in. Don’t let anyone tell you you can’t do something. Don’t accept mediocrity.  

I’m looking for dream clients that are aware “no” is a complete sentence, relentlessly show up as themselves every day, and aren’t afraid to admit they’re not exactly everyone’s taste. Dream clients who refuse to accept the pickle juice when they know they’re worth the champagne. Ideal customers that value quality and slow made fashion as art and not just jewelry. Is that you? 💕😘 

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