Collection: Dolly Parton Collection

A handmade collection of jewelry inspired by and dedicated to the people's Queen, Dolly Rebecca Parton. 

This collection was inspired by not just the Queen of Country Music but her unstoppable attitude. We all love Dolly Parton for always being exactly who she says she is - HERSELF! 

We love the angelic-like work she does for underprivileged communities and we love the wigs and boots she does it all in! She’s proof that you can do good and look good while doing it. Because when you know you look good, you feel good and you do better. And Dolly always looks good. 

This collection of statement pieces be too much for some. But I hope you choose to embrace that little part of you that whispers “wear it!” or “do it!” when you start to question yourself. It’s never going to be *too much* when you’re only doing it for you! 

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