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jewelry that empowers self love & celebrates uniquity.

handcrafted in south carolina

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Blonde & Burl Wood Company creates one of a kind jewelry and accessories from burl wood and epoxy resin. All of my hand crafted jewelry has preserved live edge details making every piece completely unique. A range of styles are offered - from funky statement options to dainty, minimalist inspired items - there’s something for everyone to love.

One tiny piece at a time.

Our jewelry making process begins with live edge burl cut offs and bulk pour molds. Slowly pouring colorful epoxy resin without using heat to ensure proper curing without bubbles. After a 72 hour cure period, each bulk pour block is sliced into blanks. Individual jewlery pieces are raw cut on a bandsaw then carefully shaped and on an edge sander. Once shaped, everything is polished, cleaned, assembled and sold.

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  • You're so unique.

    No two pieces can ever truly be duplicated. The uniqueness of every live edge kink and resin swirl creates an exclusive design that cannot be reproduced. Earrings are thoughtfully paired to compliment each other. We celebrate the uniquity of our jewelry and the women who wear them. We hope you value your jewelry as a rare, wearable art experience.

    All of our materials are responsibly sourced within the United States. Our unique burl wood is sourced from other woodworkers. We happily take scraps & cut offs that would otherwise end up in burn piles and transfrom them into wearable art. We reuse our own scraps whenever we can.

    Cherry is sourced locally in North & South Carolina or surrounding East Coast states. Maple is sourced entirely from Silverton, Oregon. Our gold and silver materials used to create the jewelry are also sourced in California.

  • Offering modest luxury.

    Our goal is to create timeless pieces that will last for years. Gold filled is a USA industry standard that legally requires 1/20th, or 5% pure gold by weight.  It’s a strictly regulated process that results in a durable, quality real gold product.

    These tarnish resistant metals create long lasting jewelry that is low maintenance and easy to wear. It's also made with sensitive skin in mind using hypoallergenic earring findings like surgical stainless steel, sterling silver or 14k gold fill.

    Visit our product care page to learn how to best care for your Blonde & Burl Wood Co items.

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